The somatic language of sensation

Somatics can change your life
from the inside - out 

Nowadays, most people are unhappy about something in their lives, and social media is awash with transformational life coaches offering ways to change your life. Whether it's a meaningful new job, the ideal partner or a new house; we channel our dissatisfaction into our search for happiness. 

Ever caught yourself thinking, "When I get there - I'll feel better", but when we get "there" it's "here" so we fixate on a new "there". If we can see the grass is also green where we are then we can be content the life we've got - in the here and now.

Quality of life is all about enjoying the journey, which is more important than the destination. That's why we work with, somatics to make our inner worlds a more comfortable place to live. Or at least less uncomfortable and more habitable.
Here at Innersense there is no package, program or plan. There is only the process. We are not here to sell you a sparkly transformation package that promises a shiny new you. We value you for who you are, right now.

We are here to teach some handy tools to enter into a dance with being and move into a more fluid reality. It's ok if right now you feel numb on the inside, we've all taken a lot of knocks along the way and had to retreat inside our shell to protect ourselves. 

We invite you into the beautiful process of self-discovery and heal your relationship with yourself. That’s the longest lasting relationship you’ll have in your life, and yet most of us under- value ourselves and are overly hash in our self-criticism.
“Change comes about
when you become what you are,
not when you try to become what you are not”
Arnold R. Beisser

Where we are coming from

The healing art of “doing nothing”

In Adam’s work as a manual therapist the most powerful tool he learnt was “to do nothing”. He was always fascinated how just by holding a person’s head in your hands, and being very still you can become aware of the bio-rhythms and micro-movements of their body. When the body feels safe and supported it somehow notices that someone is listening. It then plucks up the courage to express itself and the things that are locked up inside start to move on.

When we are up to our eyeballs we don't have any space inside us to process things that shock us, like an accident, even a near miss, an argument or a conflict, so we bottle them up inside.

Adam has taken these insights to innovate ways of working online with clients around the world. Together we can access your body’s memory, through movement, conscious touch and deep listening, we can start to release and clear the stuff you're holding onto.
Craniosacral therapy healing hands near affective touch transformational bodywork

The process of somatic experiencing

It takes great courage to let down our guard and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Amanda's soft and gentle approach to somatic coaching hold you in a safe space as you to open up within. Sometimes to see ourselves, as we truly are, it helps when someone reflects back at us.

Often when we give ourselves permission to feel we surprise ourselves with what bubbles up to the surface; after a lifetime of pushing things down. In contrast to repressing emotions - somatic experiencing allows the bodymind to deeply process is going on within and find closure.

The result is a profound feeling of lightness and freedom on the inside that will make a difference to your life on the outside. But as Amanda says this is impossible to put into words, it operates on a much deeper level of being. It is something you have to experience. Not something you can talk about.
“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.”

Three benefits of learning somatics

Releasing deep rooted tension

Our bodies react to everything. If we feel threatened our muscles clench ready to respond, if something is about to hit us we brace for impact, when we feel safe again the tension dissipates. In daily life we are too busy to notice, "just can't handle that feeling right now", and sadly we forget to feel safe in our bodies. Over a lifetime unprocessed emotion accumulates causing stress and tension in our muscles and organs.

Let's try something out - make a fist - release the tension in your hands slowly opening them again. Can you open fully with ease? Probably not. Although it is easy to release the tension you put in to make a fist, its harder to let go of deep-rooted tension patterns. This is a good one to practice, because every time you tense a muscle and open slowly, to release, you also clear a little residual tension.

The process of clearance, begins to process old, built up, emotional energy in your body. Somatic work builds awareness of our inner worlds, so that bodymind can process things properly in the first place
You've got to let it in, to let go...

Tuning into your Inner-senses

At school we learnt that we have 5 senses
No wonder we're all fixated on the outer-world, governed by what we see, feel, touch, smell and taste. Our inner-senses tell our brains what's going on inside us. All of our thoughts, opinions and stories about the world are created out of our somatic sensations. The first step of somatic education is to learn to separate the story from the bodily sensation, and process the bodily feelings without going into the story; that's just a mental roundabout.

Turning our senses inwards is like waking up from a dream
It's strange that we should think our bodies are machines, when all living things are organic and imbibed with life force. Our bodies are not just here to process what we eat and give us energy to move around. Our living bodies hold great wisdom within. Our authentic self speaks to us in the language of bodily sensations, however many of us learnt along the way to ignore our intuition and conform to society's expectations. Somatics is an invitation to come home, and to be true to ourselvesA good way to start training our innersense is to practice listening to your heart beat.
Turn your senses inwards

Making peace with our inner-child

If you were on a walk and every step was uncomfortable because you had a stone in your shoe, I'm sure you'd stop, take off your shoe, rummage around inside and - remove the stone from your shoe. However, we all hold deep childhood wounds inside us, that produce a great deal of discomfort in our lives, and we lumber on regardless. 

The majority of issues we face as adults spring out of the unresolved things that happened to us as children. You can notice the affects of those stones, when you are quick to flare up, triggered into a disproportionate reaction to the person / situation. We are quick to blame others for our problems and look for solutions outside ourselves. But the solution lies inside the problem.

The first step is the hardest; recognising these wounds are here, and seeing how they lie at the heart of our reactions and behaviour patterns, without trying to fix it we can sit with our inner child and make peace. Then with time we can begin to heal, and regain our trust in life. 
"Why do we exhaust ourselves seeking 
love, acceptance, fame, success, or spiritual enlightenment
in the future?"
Jeff Foster

All that you seek, you hold within

All this sounds fanciful, where's the science?
This isn't based on new age mumbo-jumbo, there's good science behind it. 

Neuroscientists estimate that the Brian processes 11 million bits of information every second. We filter a lot out, and only notice around 70-120 bits. Can we learn tune in to alternative feelings and perspectives inside us?

Neuroception discovered by Dr. Porges, it is how our nervous systems scans the world outside and inside us, looking out for safety or potential threats.

Interoception is our inner-sense of what's going on inside us, how we know what we feel, a good way to start training it is to listen to your heart beat!
Bottom Up Vs. Top Down
Talking therapies such as counselling and CBT are based on the idea that if you change the way you think you can change your behaviour and therefore your life. Somatics works the other way round, it's a bottom up approach. The idea is that we rework our relationship between our minds and our bodies.

Learning to understand your body's language
Our bodies intelligence speaks to us in the language of the sensations we feel. In the modern world we have learnt to disregard our true feelings and follow the rules and to do what is expected of us. The reason why somatics works to reduce our stress levels is because when we start to listen and understand the way our bodies communicate to us we are better able to hold our boundaries and less likely to override our capacity and burn ourselves out charging through life.
Tune in
to the wisdom of your bodymind 
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