By observing nature we can reconnect with our true nature, many of the exercises in yoga and chi gong are inspired by and named after animals mimicking their movements. By reconnecting with nature we care for ourselves, so go ahead give yourself some love. 

Coming Soon

2020 Was always going to be a year of change for me. I sold my previous business, a restaurant and beach bar in Andalusia, to make space in my live to commit 100% to wellness after what seems like a lifetime of preparation. However, as for all of us 2020 was a year to let go of plans, adapt to the new normal and reinvent oneself or even reinvent the wheel. I am currently developing an online course, recording videos to teach what I have learnt about self care and share how learning massage has helped to transform my life from the inside out. If you are interested please feel free to get in touch and I'll let you know when it's ready.

So how can you give a massage online?

The answer is of course, you can't, massage relies on close physical contact, on the warmth of the practitioners hands, on their sensitivity to the tensions of the body and ability to find the right way to touch in this moment. Personally I spend a lot of time massaging myself, applying many of the techniques I use on others on myself. I would like to share with you some of the basic principles of touch, so you can better look after yourself. 

You will have be able to connect the two sides of touch, to develop the sense of touch and being touched. After you do your Reiki 1 it is recommended to develop a daily self treatment practice to open up yourself and become accustomed to the healing energy in your hands. Self massage also works in a similar way the more you practice the more you will be able to sense.
I can teach you how to touch, how to apply various ground breaking techniques like: The Harmonic Technique (a rocking rhythm which loosens up connective tissue), Body Weight Dynamics to direct the force on gravity and create pressure so you don't damage the tendons on your fingers and thumbs, Myofascial Release and Fascia Listening to untie the knots in your muscles using pressure points and unravel the tissues of your body and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to boost your vitality and reconnect you to the breath of life. 

Learn Self Massage Online

It isn't always easy to go out and get help, I understand life is stressful, there's so much to do so and so little time. Every day we ask so much of ourselves; to achieve this, to get that done, so why not give something back, invest in yourself, make yourself your new project!

Why Suffer Unnecessarily?

Many of the complaints we put up with can be treated in the comfort of your own home. If you put in the time to learn a few simple techniques you can heal yourself of: stiff neck, carpel tunnel syndrome, sore knees, tight muscles, lower back pain and many other ailments. Self massage is also very effective relieving stress and improves sleep.

One on One

I am available for personalised self massage training sessions.

You tell me about your pain and I'll guide your hands.

The Story of the Golden Buddha

A long time ago the Burmese invaded Thailand, burning all Buddhist relics in their path. In one temple with a particularly beautiful golden Buddha, the monks hastily encased the statue with mortar to look like stone. When the army arrived they saw nothing of value and went on their way. Many years passed under Burmese occupation, until none lived who remembered the tale, the villages kept going to the temple and all believed what their eyes told them, that there was a simple stone statue of the Buddha. Then one day as a young boy sat down in quiet contemplation a chunk of rock fell off and he glimpsed the glimmering gold beneath. With the help of the other monks they removed the outer layers to reveal the statue's true nature, a golden inner world.
We too have build a outer layer to cover up our sensitive inner nature; the wall that protects us from harmed also stops from feeling. Our work then on this spiritual path is to release our blockages, to resensitise ourselves, to come home, back Innersense, back to our true nature.
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