Learn, apply and integrate
new life skills and tools
to navigate these uncertain times

Starting on 9 Oct 2021

We invite you to join our 9-week Online Rediscover Yourself Journey. 
Many small steps, spread out over time, can make a big change.

We will explore the relationship △ between your mind / body / life - in three workshops:

1: Embodiment - Work with your body to release tension and befriend pain.
2: Mindfulness - Observe the workings of your mind, thoughts and emotions.
3: Living a Balanced Life - Being open, honest and authentic in every day life.

  With a fun and inspiring mix of theory and practice we aim to reduce stress / anxiety and improve self-awareness / confidence. After each workshop comes a 21 day integration cycle. We will be there for you as you integrate your new skills, with weekly "group support calls".
Do you want to feel safe again? 
Do you want to have deeper relationships?

What are you currently doing for your self-development?
How is it working out for you?

Perhaps you have tried meditation apps, (online) yoga classes, yoga retreats, counselling or therapy and found it difficult to maintain a daily practice. It's ok, we understand, life is full of things to do and distractions from what we want to do. 

We believe in personalised attention, for that reason we work with small intimate groups so that we can all get to know each other. We believe that human beings are social creatures; we need community and authentic connections for us to have health and wellbeing. 

Create New Habits


Tools to release pain and stiffness from your body and understand the tricks of your mind. So you can increase your energy level and live a fulfilled life.


Simple techniques to reduce tension in your body, decrease your stress levels and improve your wellbeing. Discover easy life hacks for positive change.


New habits by taking small steps every day. Big changes don't happen overnight, they happen over time. Repetition is the mother of all skills.

Increasing Awareness

In this short video we (Adam and Amanda) introduce ourselves so you can get a feel for who we are. We talk about the journey we'd like to take you on and what it could do for you. 
We believe in personal connections, we are here for you. If you have any questions before you begin, please get in touch. Let's get to know each other.

This is a Journey

• This is NOT an online course with prerecorded videos
• All sessions are live zoom calls, mixing theory and practice 
Authentic movement: listening to your body and dissolving tension
Self-massage and body anatomy
Mindfulness techniques: tuning in to your inner voice
• The practice of self-observation: know yourself to change yourself
Two integration cycles: 21 day habit building 
• 3 booklets with the key lessons from each workshop
  Rediscover Yourself Journey
9 weeks
  One on One Introduction
1 call
  Self-Development Workshops
3 sessions
  Interactive Group Support 
6 sessions
  One on One Life Coaching 
1 call

Open Your


Your Investment

For you: 633 euros
If you bring a friend: 10% discount for you both.

For 10 euros a day you get support as you develop a healthier lifestyle. What has more value to you: a coffee and a cake or your self-development?

Refund Policy: No refunds, we can exchange for another programme at a later date or private sessions with one of us.

Here Are 8 Reasons Why

✔ Our current medical system is incredibly advanced, but it still relies on drugs. Health is within us, let's explore what health means and how to enhance it.

✔ Learning to recognise and deactivate stress mode and breathe into rest and digest mode actually improves our gut biome and boosts our immune system.

✔ Studies have also shown that human touch, even if you massage yourself, increases levels of serotonin (it feels good) and boosts the immune system too.

✔  Listening more intently to "the language of emotion" - the physiological changes in our bodies, increases self-confidence and belief in ourselves.

✔  Becoming more aware of what is happening inside us helps us to trust our instincts; so if others try to change our minds we can stay true to ourselves.

✔  If we are unproductive and have difficulty concentrating it may be because we are tired so why not take a break? Reconnecting with ourselves recharges us.

✔  Having a deeper relationship with ourselves and learning to be grounded ourselves in the present moment helps us deal better with uncertainty.

✔  Feeling more connected and self assured on the inside allows us to listen with compassion and form deeper relationships with other people.

We Are Just Like You

Perfectly imperfect human beings, we are continual "work in progress". Sure we have had our own problems, traumas and crises of identity. Along the way we have dedicated, a lot of life time and energy to heal ourselves and find our place in this world. In this journey we would like to share some of the practices and realisations that have helped us to wake up and evolve.


Philosopher, bodyworker, movement therapist, health coach and existentialist detective.

Adam has always been curious about life, the Universe and everything, even before studying philosophy at University. His quest to understand the greater questions led him to Eastern metaphysics and to Buddhism. However, being a man of the 21st century he desires to express his insights about nature in  a more modern language and within a scientific context. 

He is passionate about the science of life; biology; and is currently investigating theories of quantum consciousness. "Morphic fields", map out the idea that form and behaviour are regulated by fields of information. These fields form a feedback loop with life. We are both created by them and at the same time we are recreating the fields with what we think and do. As we change and evolve so does the world around us in a ripple effect. This gives new meaning to the famous quote from Mahatma Gandhi:"Be the change, you want to see in the world."


Transformational life coach, intuitive healer and self-worth advocate.

Amanda is a curious creator, passionate about connecting people to people, to nature and to their natural state of being. In her ‘previous life’ as a brand manager she searched for her worth outside of herself, believing it would be the next weight loss diet, house, course, job title, partner or travel destination that would ultimately fulfil her heart. Over the past 5 years she met, trained and worked with various inspirational coaches, healers, masters and social entrepreneurs who questioned these beliefs around the body, work, love, life and existence.

Once she stopped running away and searching outside of herself for the answers, she realised what she really needed to feel fulfilled could be found within: connection, growth, self-expression, authenticity and freedom. These now come in the form of dance, singing, art, vlogs, conversations, community, social entrepreneurship, travelling and self-development.
"Our body is the vehicle that gives us movement,
The five senses are windows to the outer world.
Let us turn our attention to our inner senses
And experience our inner world.
Emotion is the bridge between the two worlds,
All sensation produces emotion,

Emotion is the root of all expression."

3 Self-Development Workshops

Our busy lives are full of interaction with the outer world.
Continual distraction from our inner being.
All we ask of you is to be open, to make yourself your own priority 
and find time each day to turn inwards and look within.

1: Feeling sets you free

• Develop our inner sense of proprioception
• Rediscover the inner awareness of our bodies
• Conscious touch: focusing the mind, deepening our experience
• Feel a deeper connection with ourselves and others
• Free up our self-expression through natural movement

2: Understanding your mind

• Develop our inner sense of interoception
• Establish a inner practice of self observation
• Perceiving the interplay of our minds and emotions
• Normalise our mindscape i.e. feel ok with events in daily life
• Improve our recovery time from stress back to body repair mode

3: Living a balanced life

• Becoming proficient in the emotional language of our bodies 
• Listening to the sensations within: hearing our inner voice
• Rediscovering our inner being: what is our true nature?
• Reclaiming little moments: is it enough just to be? 
• Taking time outs to release tension in our body and mind
21 DAY

Integration cycle

After each workshop you have the opportunity to practice the new techniques in your daily life. They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. You are not alone, together we are stronger. So every week we have a zoom call to "check in" and offer support from the group.


How we see the world depends on the story we tell.
When we were young they filled our heads with stories. 
We tell ourselves stories about the world every day. 
If you want to change your world - change your story.

What are your doubts about?

Click on the sections below if you feel that any of them relate to you, otherwise feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the "Rediscover Yourself" journey.

You’re not sure if it's worth the investment. What if you don’t get anything out of it?

You are investing in YOU and YOU are worth every penny. However, it is your responsibility to take the programme to a deeper level, all we can do is guide you towards a direction that would support your growth.

You feel uncomfortable speaking out in groups and don’t see why strangers can have an impact on your life.

Speaking up in the group is not necessary if you really don’t want to, however, from our experience, by stepping out of our comfort zone and putting ourselves in a challenging situation, can we evolve. Being seen and heard by others, who don’t tend to know you, reminds us we are not alone with our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

We go through similar stories, and through listening and sharing our own story we can help heal our wounds, one being the fear of being judged by others when we speak our truth.

You just don’t have enough time in the day. How in the world do you fit it in?!

If you haven’t got time to look after yourself, how are you going to deal with the issues you are currently feeling? The concerns you are facing in life today, are most likely a result of not making the time to look after yourself in the past. Harsh, but true for some.

You now have a chance to make a difference, not only to your own life, but to those connected to you - and save further stress down the road.

You are not spiritual enough to understand the body and mind connection. What will others think of me joining this?

Being spiritual is not the aim nor a prerequisite for this programme. What does spiritual even mean to you and why do you worry about what others think of you? Let’s check the etymology from the Old French - spirituel (12c.) or directly from a Medieval Latin spiritualis "of or pertaining to breath, breathing, wind, or air; pertaining to spirit," from spiritus "of breathing, of the spirit." Spirit therefore belongs to the group of words: respire, inspire, aspire etc.

This programme is practical, scientific and incorporates the breath of life as the foundation to improving our quality of life. You can tell anyone who comments just that.

You’re overwhelmed and can’t decide with all the wellbeing options out there and not sure where to begin, which one to choose and if this is the one.

There is no perfect programme, trust that any decision you make is the right decision and from that you will learn and grow. Whether that is this one or another, we encourage you to go all in and enjoy it!

You want to wait until the social distancing thing is over and we can all go ‘back to normal’ so you can finally attend that 7 day retreat in Ibiza.

We love physical retreats and we so wish that our workshops dates are in person - that is the aim! However, we can keep waiting until the grass is greener on the other side or take action now and feel better today. May we also emphasise that a 5-10 day retreat is lovely to reset and relax our mind, though from experience, integrating the new tools back into your ‘normal’ routines seems to fade after the initial experience.

How can you create everlasting change? Through implementing small steps that feel good for you and suit your lifestyle, doing them repetitively with joy and being surrounded by people who support and can hold you accountable in case you have your off days. And we all have our off days!

Are you ready to make a change?

This is for you if:

You are working from home and struggling to find that ever so important balance between work and life.

You have a busy, demanding life, you use up a lot of energy every day, you feel tired and want to know how to recharge.

It's easier for you to keep going with a practice when you are in a group. Repetition is the mother of all skills.

Even though it's tricky to find the time, you see the benefits of dedicating 15 mins of self-care practices. A day has 1440 minutes.

You feel stiff and sore, you would like to know how to release the tension in your body in order to feel better. 

This is NOT for you if:

Your life is too busy and stressful so there is absolutely no way you can find even 15 minutes a day for yourself.

You love your life absolutely just the way it is and wouldn't want to change a single thing.

You are resistant to change because you fear the unknown, and are not yet ready to open up and work with those feelings.

You know that deep down you have blocks, you feel the stiffness in your body but you do not believe you are capable of getting better.

You've read all the books, seen all the Ted talks, the glass is already full and you don't want to take on new ideas.

Just Imagine...

You feel so comfortable and safe inside your skin that vulnerably expressing your inner thoughts and emotions to your loved ones is no longer scary. You find this liberating and start to form deeper, more authentic relationships with others.

You feel fully alive every day, motivated and productive at work. Outside of work you set aside enough time to follow your passions and find you have enough energy to make them happen. You are your own priority, you value yourself enough to take time out, rest and recharge before you run out of battery. 

You’re confident, allowing yourself to be seen and heard, happy being alone and not needing to know all the answers about the future. Almost effortlessly you are attracting new meaningful work opportunities, friends and romantic partners into your life.

It’s 100% possible! And it can be done without waking up at 4am so you can squeeze in some alone time for yourself.

How would this impact the relationship with your partner / family / date / friends / kids / boss / team mates / investors and most importantly, yourself?

It's up to you

If you're reading this for the first time, have a think about it, take your time, sleep on it. Stay in touch though, don't be a stranger. We would like to offer you a free sample of what tuning in to your innersense can do for you. If you fill out your contact details, we'll send you an email with the link to a self-massage video sequence to stimulate the vagus nerve and a guided breath meditation. 

If you're ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery; you like what you've heard so far and are ready to commit then please click the apply now button. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Try before you buy

The vagus nerve is a fascinating part of your body; responsible for those "gut feelings", your intuition and also for calming you down. In this self-massage sequence we will activate your parasympathetic nervous system also known as "rest & digest mode". This is a space where the body can heal itself.

Please be sure to check your email, maybe even the spam folder. We promise never to bombard you with publicity emails ;)

You are ready already

Congratulations! You are ready to Rediscover Yourself!! We hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are. 

Remember the journey is more important than the destination. Life is what is happening around and inside us right now. 

Please click below, you will be taken to the application form, which will take 3-8 minutes to fill out.
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