Redefining stress

Complete the following sentence:
stress is...

Having too much too do, and too little time to get stuff done
A way life
Not a problem
A defensive answer to a harmless question
Feeling you've nothing to offer the world
An itchy rash
An itchy rash
Brain Fog
A tickly cough
A pain in the neck
Shortness of breath
Feeling uptight
Feeling on edge
An underlying sense that something is going to go terribly wrong
Everybody wanting something from you

Where does stress come from?
What lies behind it? What drives it?
What's hiding behind our everyday stress?
Could it be...

Not speaking your truth for fear of how others will react
Saying yes when your body says no
Saying no when you want to say yes
Feeling lost in life
Not feeling belonging
Not feeling secure
Feeling out of place
The need to prove yourself
Living up to the expectations of others
The drive to be important
Feeling that your opinion doesn't matter
Feeling that you don’t matter
Not really caring what happens to you
Biting your tongue
Saying “I’m fine”, when you’re not really
Keeping up appearances
Worry that things won't last
Uncertainty about tomorrow
Putting on a brave face, being strong for others and feeling you can't let the side down 

Take Five

Take a few deep breaths

Check in with yourself.
How did that sit with you?
What did that bring up? Did anything start to move?
What else could you add to the list?
How could you be stressing yourself out without you even realising it?

Come back to the breath,
make it a little softer,
and a little longer, 
put your hand on your heart,

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