Upcoming Courses

 Nurture your professional development, there is more to fulfilling your potential as an alternative health practitioner than learning ever more techniques. We invite you to take time out from life, to work on yourself and connect with the transformational power of consciousness you hold within.

All workshops will take place in the South of Spain, in the natural cork forest of Jimena de la Frontera. 
25 - 30 MAY

The Ascension Workshop 

This workshop is a unique opportunity to rediscover our roots and origins by diving into the first four weeks of early human development. We are bio-energetic beings, originating out of “the field”. Reconnecting with the energy field that created us can profoundly affect our experience of life today.
1 - 6 JUNE

Head - Heart - Hara Integration

There is a place where Shiatsu, Thai massage, Osteopathy and Energy Healing meet - that is in the heart of the practitioner. This training is about making an energetic shift inside ourselves, as practitioners, to support the transformation of the receiver. Help others to realign all aspects of their being.
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