Body Maintenance Work

You wouldn't let a year go past without taking your car to the garage, your garden needs attention every week, you cut your hair when it gets long, after all we ask of our bodies and all they do for us we all need regular Body - Maintenance - Work (BMW)

Are You Listening?

Pain is the body's way of telling you something is off, its way of asking for your attention, all too often we ignore those little discomforts and get on with our busy lives. The body is persistent though, if we don't allow ourselves time to heal and regenerate, the messages WILL get stronger and more frequent. If you are reading this then you are already taking the first step, noticing how you feel, the second step is to change your priorities and give yourself time to release the tensions in your mind and body and the third is to reconnect to your Innersense once you realise that health begins in the mind the process begins of working on yourself to be your own evolution. This is a journey you need not walk alone, If you have found your way here, then you have found me too...

Working Together

We can achieve great things. I cannot heal you, only you can heal yourself. You already have the power to heal yourself, it is the same power that keeps you alive today. This is the great force of health within us all. Andrew Taylor Still the founder of Osteopathy said "any fool can find disease, the secret to successfully treating people is to look for the health." As a Philosopher I can point you in the right direction, as a health coach I can get moving, as a body worker I can reconnect you, as a human being all I can do is be present.
Health is the most fundamental human right
Our ancestors lived close to nature for all its hardships and beauty they were more connected. We live more comfortably nowadays yet never has life been more demanding. It is more important now that ever to rediscover nature, our own nature, our Innersense.

The Experience

Body Maintenance Work incorporates elements from ancient Eastern healing traditions and insights from Western Osteopathy. It is not a bone-cracking quick fix, I do not try to force an adjustment but work with the body to reveal the source of the problem and provide the potential for change. The intention is to release old habitual tension stuck in the body, reactivate the body's own intelligence by providing novel information to the proprioception sensors and reconnect you to your body's inner consciousness, your Innersense. At first the treatment may feel more like a work out, as we address those aches and pains, the journey brings you to a state of relaxation where deep healing can occur.

Welcome Home

Daily life is full of activity and distraction, the start of any treatment therefore is an opportunity to breath deep and come back to the moment. We take a moment to focus in a short meditation to bring in clarity and awareness. 

Deep Tissue Release

Tensions accumulate over time through stress, mental exertion, sitting at a desk. Accurate sustained pressure signals the muscles to release tension and mobilisation helps to return elasticity to the muscle fibres. 


By listening to the body and communicating through subtle movements, changes of position and pressure we provide new sensory information which the body adapts to. This stimulates change and reboots the system.


Healing is just a name that we give to the most natural process of regeneration. Modern life, however, distracts us from ourselves and stress depletes our energy reserves, fortunately though the act of reconnection recharges us.

Presentation Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million. It is difficult to explain how what I do is different, I can talk about the theory, how it works, where it comes from etc. I hope this video gives you a better idea. Even so the only way to truly know is to experience it for yourself.

Change happens Over Time

The Buddha once said "You are the result of everything you have thought before", it is also true that what you feel in your body is the result of everything you have done before. Our myofascia system is a feedback loop that adapts to our actions and our posture it takes the form that is best suited to perform our daily life. The THEORY page explains a lot more about how this works. So if your body is calling out for some attention please listen.


Treatments are fully clothed, holistic, full body sessions, working to detox the body, release old emotions, liberate trapped energies and reconnect you to to distant parts of yourself. This takes time, YOU are not something to be rushed, allow at least 2 hours. Release, reactivate and reset.
Complete Treatment
120 €

Movement Coaching

I started practicing yoga over 20 years ago to gain flexibility and open up my pathologically stiff western body. I would like to share with different ways to move, to reprogram your myofascia to empower you to move freely. You will learn to listen to your body and facilitate your self expression.
One on One session
70 €

Premium Plan

Upgrade yourself with a unique programe integrating movement, bodywork and health coaching. They say that practice makes perfect and persistence beats resistance, so  give yourself the time to make a change. Plans are personalised and as unique as YOU are. 
Transformational Plan

Free Consultation

Please feel free to get in contact, let's have a chat 

Fully Certified

I have over 1000 hours of formal bodywork training and a lifetime of independent investigation into alternative health and the philosophy of being. On the BACKGROUND page you can find more details of my educational journey. I have always felt so much sensitivity in my hands, I believe my calm nature helps me to tune into people, to help them feel at ease. So know then that you are in good hands.