Or Body Maintenance Work?

Body Maintenance Work is an holistic, comprehensive treatment programme, which. It releases tension, mobilises the articulations and joints, reduces stiffness, increases the mind body connection and can help you to recover from long-term conditions. Whether your intention is to relieve pain, to relax, to sleep better or to get healthy again after an accident or operation -  read on!

Are you listening?

Pain is a call for attention.
You feel stiff because busy in the mind and disconnected from the body. 
Stress can cause tension, so a take time out to relax.
Oftentimes we ignore bodily discomfort and just get on with life. 

With a three simple changes you CAN get back to FULL POWER: 

The first step is to notice how you feel, to listen to what your body is saying.
The second step is to open yourself up with massage treatments and movement.
The third step is self care to walk and stretch a little every day.

If you are looking for massage therapy in the Sotogrande area, then you found me...

By Working Together

We can achieve great things. I cannot heal you, only you can heal yourself. In fact you already have the power to heal yourself, it is the same power that keeps you alive day by day. 

This is the great force of health within us all - nature's own power of regeneration.

As a Philosopher I can point you in the right direction.
As a Health Coach I can get you moving.
As a Bodyworker I can get your energy flowing again.
As a Human Being I can accompany you through the process.
"Health is the most fundamental human right"

The Experience

Body Maintenance Work is a somatic experience. It incorporates elements from Eastern healing traditions and insights from Western Osteopathy.

It is not a bone-cracking "quick fix". I never try to force an adjustment, I work with the soft tissue to unravel the knots behind the tensions and create the potential for change.

My intention is to release old blockages in the body, reactivate the body's own intelligence with pressure and movement, which will reconnect you to your inner self, your Innersense. 

This is a state of deep relaxation where healing happens.

Welcome Home

Daily life is full of activity and distraction. The start of every treatment is a welcome opportunity to breath deep and come back to the present moment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Tensions accumulate over time through stress, mental exertion and sitting at a desk. Pressure and movement help the muscles and fascia to relax.


Communicating with the body using subtle movements, changes of position and pressure. The new sensory information reboots the system.


The lightest touch goes the deepest. Listening hands allow the body's inner intelligence to express itself, this can empower deep healing.

Massage Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.
Words cannot explain how what I do is different.
 I hope that watching this video gives you a better idea of how I work with the body.
But the only way to know how it feels is to experience yourself.

Transformation is possible

The Buddha once said "You are the result of everything you have ever thought before". It is also true that what you feel in your body is the result of everything you have done before.

So if you want to build a better body, if you want to feel better inside; the change starts today!

Body Maintenance

Treatments are fully clothed.
I work to locate and release the source of your pain and stiffness. 
  Liberate trapped energies.
Get things flowing again.
Regular sessions are recommended.

Body Health

Manual therapy is great, but you cannot get a treatment every day!
You can do a few simple moves and stretches to open yourself up.
I offer classes to give you the tools to work on yourself.

Premium Plan

They say that practice makes perfect and persistence beats resistance, so  together let's make a change.
Plans are personalised and as unique as YOU are. 
Get in contact and we'll see what works for you.

Massage Therapy Sotogrande

I give massage treatments in the Campo de Gibraltar: Sotogrande, La Duquesa, Jimena de la Frontera and Gaucin.

I have a treatment rooms in THREE PALMS - La Duquesa, in LA BORDALLA - Jimena de la Frontera and I do HOME VISITSso you get treatments in the comfort of your own home.

But first let's get to know each other, I'd like to hear about what you want to work on and how you can feel better. Click on the button below to book a commitment free initial consolation:

Fully Certified

I have over 1000 hours of formal bodywork and Thai Massage training as well as a lifetime of independent investigation into alternative health and the philosophy of being. On the BACKGROUND page you can find more details of my educational journey.
I am now living in the Sotogrande are, where I give self-care and massage training workshops. © 2021
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