Transformation begins today

If you are tense you can soften up, if you are stiff you can loosen up, if you are stressed you can find relaxation, if you are worried you can calm down, if you are lost in the mind you can find your way back to the spirit. Change is the nature of all things, but when we get stuck it is good to get some helping hands.


Feel good factor

This is not a typical massage. I use techniques from Osteopathy, Reiki, Thai Massage and Somatic Release Therapy. Every treatment is as unique as you are. I focus on what your body needs to relax and open up in the present moment.

Welcome to Innersense

As a Philosopher I can share life changing ideas.
As a Health Coach I can get your body moving.
As a Bodyworker I can get your energy flowing again.
As a Human Being I can accompany you through the process.

I am an energy healer of the modern age, working to restore your vitality and getting everything flowing again.
"the object of the physician is to find health, anyone can find disease"
Andrew Taylor Still - Founder of Osteopathy 

What brings you here?

Are you feeling stiffness, tension or pain in your body? Do you have a stressful, busy life always with so much to do? Do you feel blocked inside like something need releasing? Manual Therapy can get you from feeling bad to feeling alright again.

Or do you already feel alright, in that case wouldn't it be amazing to feel great? Wellbeing is about taking time out, giving back to yourself, relaxing and recharging. I love giving these kind of treatments, taking people to another level of awareness and spiritual experience.


Massage Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.
Words cannot explain how what I do is different.
 I hope that watching this video gives you a better idea of how I work with the body.
But the only way to know how it feels is to experience yourself.

Mindfulness Meets Massage

Mindfulness reconnects mind and body, because you listen deeply to what is happening inside you. When you become aware things begin to change. This is mind / body medicine.

All treatments are designed to increase energy levels, reduce stress and promote a feeling of deep relaxation. Afterwards you will feel lighter and at more home in your own body. 

To give you an idea of what is possible, here are some example treatments:

Yoga Massage 1 hour

• Embodiment experience opens you to a sense of oneness
• Enjoy a unique treatment inspired by: Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Yoga
Releases stress from the body with stretching and flowing movements
• Melts away tension in the muscles and fascia with gentle pressure

Inner Harmony 1 hour

• Rediscover the sense of deep relaxation that lies within
• Slow down your over active brain with a blend of craniosacral
biodynamics, reiki, head and face massage
• Balances the inner rhythms that regulate your health and wellbeing
• Relaxes the mind and invites you to tune into your higher self

Innersense Integration 2 hours

• Are you recovering from an injury or operation?
• Is there area of persistent pain in your body?
• Or do you just want to indulge yourself and dive into deep relaxation?
• This is a journey of self discovery, which connects and integrates all the aspects of your being, so you may feel whole and at peace.
• Take time out to explore your inner world; deep feeling = deep healing
craniosacral therapy sotogrande

Home Visits in Alcaidesa, Sotogrande & Duquesa

I am based in La Alcaidesa and give massage treatments in the Campo de Gibraltar

I have treatment rooms available in: Sotogrande Marina and La Duquesa. But if you prefer I can come to you for a HOME VISIT or to the HOTEL, so you get full benefit of the relaxation by not having to drive off afterwards.

I'd love to hear from you, please fill out the contact form of book a call for a free consultation. 

Fully certified & insured

I have over 1000 hours of formal yoga, bodywork and mindfulness training. As well as a lifetime of independent investigation into alternative health and the philosophy of being. On the BACKGROUND page you can find more details of my educational journey.
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