Meet Adam

Adam grew up in a small village near Stonehenge in the British Isles, feeling connected with the natural world and our ancestral past. When he was 6, his family moved to a postindustrial town, where he didn’t fit in. Growing up in the modern world is not easy if you are a sensitive soul. Realising from an early age that we live out of balance with nature and disconnected from ourselves, Adam has dedicated his life in search of reconnection.


As a manual therapist, Adam is inspired by Eastern methods that work with the energy of life, vitality or chi. In his early 20s he learnt Reiki, but felt it lacked the element of touch, so he went on to study Thai Massage, which balances chi in the physical body and improves mobility. However, he also believes that the West also has great insights into how to release tensions, probably because we are more stressed in this day and age. To that end he has studied osteopathic soft tissue release techniques, as well as craniosacral and visceral therapy.


Mindfulness is a practice to connect to our inner awareness, by focusing on the sensations we are feeling in the present moment. In the act of becoming aware of what we are holding onto, things begin to change. Adam has created Innersense, where mindfulness meets massage, because everything we think affects our bodies and conversely everything we do to our bodies affects the way we feel and think. Letting go of the tensions of daily life allows us to enjoy the moment and find deep relaxation within.

Skills are born of theory and practice

Over the years Adam has studied with many inspiring teachers, and made many amazing friends on retreats. Retreat based learning is more than just a class room, it is a time for immersion, to develop and deepen your practice. Residential retreat courses are often held in centres surrounded by nature, helping you to reconnect. They are also a time to be in community, to gather together with beautiful like minded people and grow with the flow.
Adam has achieved over 1000 hours of accredited bodywork training, yoga, mindfulness and energy healing. As well as a lifetime of independent investigation into biological systems, quantum physics, and the philosophy. If you wish to see the certificates of some of the courses he has attended you can view here.  Otherwise here are some of the highlights:

Sunshine School

Here I have studied both traditional Thai Massage and other more advanced courses such as: Chi Nei Tsang (Chi balancing centred on the belly), Osteopathy meets Thai Massage, Practical Anatomy with Sports Massage and Dynamic Thai Massage. As Chiang Mai is a mecca in the healing world it hosts many leading international teachers who come to share their knowledge.

Lulyani School

Formed by David Lutt after many years studying Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Osteopathy. All amazing healing arts in their own right, each has its strong points. Manual therapy in the west is anatomically precise but lacks the understanding of Eastern Energy Anatomy. By combining them he created Osteo-Thai. This style resonates deeply with me and the principles are very effective!

School of Shanti

In 2010 I travelled around India, in search of teachers, I took a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course with Santi an endearing yogi eager to share his knowledge of the philosophy of yoga.  This led me to a Vipassana centre for a 10 day silent meditation retreat and then on to a town in the Himalaya where the Tibetans live in exile, where I sat in on a teaching from the Dalai Lama.

Sunshine Network

I have had the good fortune to attend the two week immersion twice at this school in a Hill Tribe village where students sleep in basic bamboo huts and practice with open views of the hillside and jungle. The teachers follow the life's work of Ashokanada who inspired an entire generation by combining, yoga, meditation, and loving kindness to bring out the essence of Thai Massage.


I took my first reiki course 20 years ago whilst I was at University. I felt an instant affinity to the energy healing and kept exploring, leading to a different modality - Sekhem. Once practiced in Egypt, it was rediscovered by Patrick Ziegler when he spent the night in the great pyramid of Giza. I have taken the master lever course with two different teachers and attended a workshop with Patrick himself.
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