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I am, because we are...

Innersense is a collaboration between Adam and Amanda, partners in life and business.

Personally, our individual self-discovery paths around the World brought us together to form a 'We'. Not as two, but as five. Our daughter Maia, and 2 cats, Lucky and Tiza.

Maia was, and continues to be, a catalyst for us to clear our ancestral lines and retouch our own inner child work. We see conscious parenting as a sacred responsibility and a spiritual practice. We strive to limit the footprint of our past that we impress on this delicate and impressionable human life, and that means tending to our own emotional needs, processing our own stuff and clearing regularly so we can be as present as possible with her, when we are together.
Professionally, we unite different modalities and perspectives, sharing a fascination of the mind / body / emotion connection.

Innersense is our second child, born in a period where we slowed down and listened to what the world needs, right now. A nurturing space where one is free to be themselves, bring their stresses, 

´combining the head and body. bottom up approach. inside out approach.
´' freedom to play
´own personality
´learn from each other
' space to grow

I am Adam

I have never shared this photo before because I felt ashamed of my posture, as a wellbeing therapist I felt I should know better and hold my body in a more aligned manner. I did not live up to the high expectations I placed on myself. 

I am sharing it now for all to see because A) I am only human, a person who has his own issues and is working through them to heal the scars from growing up in this world, and B) to illustrate that when we feel uncomfortable or in a challenging situation, I felt awkward having my photo taken, unconsciously my body reacted by clenching. 

If we don’t notice that our muscles have clenched we won't be able to release them back into relaxation. That's how tensions build up, they get carried over, from one moment to the next. Until we make a knot of ourselves - we haven’t even the foggiest idea how to begin uniting.
In my work as a manual therapist I constantly came across people whose bodies were full of tensions, blocked by old emotions and hardened by built up stress. 

A massage treatment can release some of that stuck energy and reconnect you with yourself. Over a few sessions it the pathways home get clear - so people can find their own way back into relaxation. However, old tension patterns have a habit of coming back, because the stress of every day life doesn’t go away. Innersense bridges the gap, we empower people with tools to navigate these stressful times.

Here at Innersense we teach skills to actively work with your own nervous system and come back into balance, when life knocks you off centre. We invite you to get curious about the effects of stress in your body, uncover your unconscious triggers and begin heal your wounds. Then, when tension arises, which it will, because life happens, you'll be equipped with some simple, yet powerful, tools to bring yourself back.

I am Amanda

Whenever I am stuck in an inner shit storm or a negative spiral, I remind myself that the Sun is always shining behind the clouds. I reconnect with my feet and imagine roots going down into the Earth. I take a deep breath and thank my lineages and ancestors of the land. Then I open my eyes, look around the room, take in the beauty of the plants and photos of my daughter to bring me back to the here and now, smiling, knowing I am safe in my body

For 30 years I fought the inner storms, trying to control the outcome. Unable to sit still and driven to achieve; I pretend everything was ok, when I felt lonely, ashamed and stressed. I had gut issues, binge eating tendencies, passive aggression in relationships and could not SAY NO - especially at work. It wasn't until I reached breaking point that I discovered mindfulness practices, breath work, plant medicine, vipassana, qi gong and somatics. I am grateful for my teachers and conversations with wise beings, that have helped me come home, back to shore and find the safety I needed, in myself.
As an Inner Space Nurturer, I welcome courageous beings into a calm and compassionate space where they can drop their armour to be real and authentic. As we slowly begin to uncover the hidden and uncomfortable truths, we release the pressure building inside our bodies - which is often the cause of fatigue, weight, gut imbalance, migraines, eczema, auto-immune disease, etc 

When we choose to nurture and prioritize our inner space, our outer space becomes more breathable to live in. From the inside, this feels like emotional freedom, aliveness, and safety. 

From the outside, this can create a sustainable way of living and working, knowing how to avoid burnout, stress-related illnesses, or productivity slumps.

We start by listening to our bodies needs and how the energy wants to move. Then using mindset tools we take aligned baby steps forward. In somatic language, we call this tritration, the practice of slowing things down. 
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