Somatic stress management

Stress management meets personal development 

When we get stressed...

We tune out and tunnel vision takes over, narrowing our focus on the urgent and immediate. Our emotions run amok, we say things we didn’t mean to say, and sometimes hurt the people we care about the most. 

Or we bury our heads in the sand and do nothing, hoping that things will sort themselves out. But that can create a feeling of loneliness, and lack of belonging as we disconnect from the people around us. 

It doesn’t help to hear things like, "Just relax, take a breather, try going to yoga / meditation class, reduce your work hours…just take care of yourself."

Stress builds up inside us over time, until we’re like a pressure cooker at boiling point. When overwhelmed we shut down. Our nervous system becomes saturated to the point where it can no longer do its job. This is what most people would describe as burnout.
Distracted busy mind stressed disconnected woman in the city
the garden of the subconscious mind self care

The remedy lies within

External stressors bombard us on a daily basis, so how can we prevent burnout if stress is inevitable? If we are really honest with ourselves, the biggest source of stress comes from within. We create our own stress by pushing ourselves to live up to parental and societal expectations. To keep up appearances as we struggle to become who we think we should be. 

I believe that if we have the power to burn ourselves out, we also have the power to heal. We have the power to reimagine our relationship with stress and reexamine our inner stressors. 

Innersense is an invitation to tune in and reconnect. A chance to rewire your drives and triggers to improve your quality of life.

By tending to the garden of the subconscious mind we can enrich the earth within us, so new growth can take root.
"Down to the very cellular level, human beings are either
in defensive mode or in growth mode, but they cannot be in both at the same time.¨
Dr Gabor Maté & Dr Gordon Neufeld

Finding connection and belonging within

The path to healing

As you entered the ancient healing sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi, you were greeted by the words “Know Thyself.” In other words, the path to healing is paved with self-knowledge. One of the first Greek Philosophers, Heracletus said that life is like a flowing river, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” He believed that knowing yourself was not a destination you arrive at but a process you engage in

Somatic is another Greek word you may be familiar with. Somatic means the body. You’ve probably heard of the scientific terms psychosomatic or somatosensory. The way I think of somatic is as the living body. Every living thing expresses itself. Our bodies have a biological intelligence that wants us to thrive. Our nervous system is designed to always be on the lookout, keeping us safe. 
enter into the temple of your heart body is a temple sacred space
hand on heart somatic education

The wisdom of the living body

Somatic practice is about keeping your ear to ground.

The First Americans would put their ears on the ground to listen to the vibrations and sense what was coming their way. In the same way, to 
know what is going on in your subconscious you just have to put your ear to the ground of your being, listen to what your gut feeling is telling you and tune into your intuition via the somatic sensations in your body.

At school we are taught about the five outer senses, no real wonder then that our society is so fixated on the outer world. 

Somatics teaches us to tune in to our Innersenses and keep one ear listening in on our inner world.
“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
Carl Jung
Neuroscience has shown that adults, given the right conditions can rewire their brains, neuroplasticity allows neurons to make new connections.
The latest estimates show that only 5% of disease is genetic, and that chronic stress lies behind up to 95% of illnesses in the Western World.
It is also estimated that 95% of our thoughts and behaviour are patterns we keep repeating, that come directly out of our unconscious minds. 
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